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Plentify for property developments

2024-03-26T09:26:20+02:00By |Power plays|

At Plentify, our mission is to enable cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy. We've developed an intelligent load management platform for home appliances, that reduces electricity costs and negative environmental impact. For residential property developers grappling with the challenge of [...]

Wetility Beast Bundle

2024-03-26T16:06:52+02:00By |Power plays, Watts up|

We recently teamed up with Wetility to unveil the ultimate power move: the Beast Bundle. Wetility is all about helping their customers tap into the sun's power. Their hybrid solution seamlessly integrates with existing power options, making solar energy more [...]

More control with Plentify

2024-03-26T09:59:49+02:00By |Watts up|

Plentify offers a level of control that surpasses traditional geyser timers and provides more flexibility than alternatives, like manually toggling your geyser breaker on and off on your distribution board.    Here's how Plentify can take your geyser control to [...]

What to expect when going off-grid

2024-03-26T09:35:20+02:00By |Watts up|

We recently sat down with Steven Cooper, one of our senior software engineers, to learn about his experience taking his home electricity usage completely off grid. We dive into some of the nitty gritty details and motivations for this kind [...]

Plentify 101

2024-03-26T16:43:21+02:00By |Watts up|

How to join the Plentify community, and what to expect.  We’re on a mission to give South Africans cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable energy, and we’re driven by one core principle: being smarter with what we’ve got. When you sign [...]

Real savings with Plentify

2024-03-26T16:55:13+02:00By |Watts up|

Why leave your geyser running 24/7 when you wouldn't do the same with your oven, only using it once a day? Geysers, often hidden and out of sight, are easily forgotten as they quietly consume energy in the background. Typically, [...]

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