Will I have hot water?

2022-10-06T10:01:40+02:00By ||

Definitely! HotBot is designed to ensure that you have hot water when you need it and save you money when you don’t. You tell HotBot when you want to use hot water and it works out the rest so you [...]

What happens during loadshedding?

2022-10-06T10:01:02+02:00By ||

HotBot cannot heat your water if you experience loadshedding over the period when your geyser was heating water. This means that your water might not be hot enough until your next schedule. You can check your temperature on the app [...]

How much will I save?

2022-10-06T10:00:39+02:00By ||

Our users save up to 30% of their water heating costs compared to leaving geysers on 24/7, with most saving 15-20%, and some less.This is about double the savings you can expect with a simple timer or by manually switching [...]

Can I cancel? What if I move house?

2022-10-06T09:59:49+02:00By ||

The initial commitment is for 24 months from installation. Thereafter, the service continues on a month to month basis, and you can cancel anytime with 1 month notice. If you want to cancel within the initial 24 month term, you [...]

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