More control with Plentify



Plentify offers a level of control that surpasses traditional geyser timers and provides more flexibility than alternatives, like manually toggling your geyser breaker on and off on your distribution board. 


Here’s how Plentify can take your geyser control to the next level:

With Plentify, you have the ability to establish precise preferences that seamlessly align with your lifestyle, all easily managed through the app. Need hot water at 5am and then again at 6pm on a Thursday, but not a Friday? No problem – set it up effortlessly following the prompts.

The best part – you don’t have to try to work out how far in advance to turn on your geyser so that it’s hot in time. Just add your routine, and HotBot will figure out the most efficient way to heat your geyser in time, automatically navigating your loadshedding schedule.

Heading out for the weekend and realised you forgot to switch off your geyser before leaving? Enter vacation mode and set when you’ll be back to ensure energy efficiency. Your geyser will remain off for the duration, but ensure there’s a hot shower waiting for you to pick up your routine when you get back. Or if it’s more open ended, just turn your geyser back on from the car, on your way home.

Require an impromptu shower outside your usual routine but want to check if the water is still at the perfect temperature? Simply check the temperature on the app and turn your geyser on if needed.

You can even define the maximum temperature to which your geyser will heat, all from the convenience of the app.


Plentify features


Plentify empowers you with a level of control that may have been previously overlooked. We’ve transformed hidden information into actionable insights, allowing you to manage your geyser with a single tap.

What sets Plentify apart is that, once you’ve configured your preferences, you can set it and forget it. No need to fret about early wake-ups during loadshedding or the unpleasant surprise of a cold shower before work. Just establish your preferences and let Plentify handle the rest. Rest assured, our commitment is reflected where it matters most – in a consistently reduced electricity bill month after month!


Ready to get your greedy geyser under control?