Plentify 101



How to join the Plentify community, and what to expect. 

We’re on a mission to give South Africans cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable energy, and we’re driven by one core principle: being smarter with what we’ve got.

When you sign up on our website, you’ll order a HotBot and subscription to our energy management platform, Plentify.

Once you’ve paid you’ll get an email to schedule the installation of your HotBot. A HotBot is a small IoT device that a certified installer will connect to your electric geyser. The installation usually takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on your geyser and its location, and once installed you can register with Plentify.

Set a password and sign in, and then link your HotBot to your Plentify account. There are easy to follow instructions to guide you through this process. 



Onboarding onto Plentify is simple, and requires a few easy inputs from you. First things first, you’ll tell us when you need hot water, and you can customise this to ensure Plentify works around your routine. You’ll also input your loadshedding zone, so we can make sure this will never get in the way of a nice, hot shower.

One of the really awesome aspects of Plentify is that you can be as involved as you want. Lots of our members go through the setup process and then never think about Plentify again – we’re doing the magic in the background and our members see the value in a lower electricity bill. Other customers are constantly accessing the platform and altering routines, or checking the temperature of their geysers in real time. You can use Plentify in the way that works for you.

You’ll also be able to see your expected savings on the ‘Savings’ tab of the platform, but the real proof is in your electricity bill. On average, our members save between R200 and R350 every month.

We’re constantly iterating on existing features and adding new ones. We want the Plentify community to be a source of value for all our members. Some of our latest functionality, like optimising for solar, and being able to add multiple HotBots to one account, were requests from our community.

Are you ready to join us, too?