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A seamless journey with Plentify’s B2B energy solutions

Embarking on a partnership with Plentify is more than just making a deal; it’s a collaborative journey towards energy optimisation and cost savings. Here’s a glimpse into how our bespoke B2B SAAS solutions can transform your enterprise:


     1. Make the deal with sales:

Our personalised sales process ensures that you are guided through our suite of solutions by a dedicated member of our team. We believe in understanding your unique needs to tailor our offerings for maximum impact.


     2. Site visit – precision in action:

An operational engineer from our team will conduct a comprehensive site visit. This step is crucial in documenting the information required to seamlessly integrate our services into your operations. Precision is key, and our engineers ensure no detail is overlooked.


     3. Expert installations – your way:

Installations are a breeze with Plentify. You have the flexibility to choose between a certified installer from our trusted network or opt for our training program, empowering your in-house installers to handle the setup with confidence.

     4. Setup services for maximum impact:

Plentify offers a range of solutions tailored for enterprise clients, with a special focus on property developers. Our core load management services include:

  • Load reduction: Efficiently shift geyser usage to off-peak hours, reducing bulk electricity costs and circumventing time-of-use tariffs.
  • Max demand management: Strategically distribute usage to minimise peak demand, mitigating demand charges and preventing damage to distribution infrastructure.
  • Solar load building: Shift geyser usage to sunny periods, maximising solar energy generation, reducing reliance on the grid, and optimising your solar system.
  • Comeback load management: Strategically control when and how geysers are turned back on to reduce damage to infrastructure and usage spikes.


     5. Monitor and control with ease:

Plentify empowers you to monitor your network of HotBots effortlessly. Our intuitive dashboard keeps you informed, notifying you of any offline HotBots or detected leaks. 


Ready to energise your business and your profits with Plentify?

Plentify isn’t just a service provider; we’re your strategic partner in revolutionising energy efficiency and reducing costs. Our tailored approach, seamless installations, and cutting-edge solutions empower enterprises to take control of their energy landscape. Ready to embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future? Partner with Plentify, where innovation meets efficiency. Connect with us today, and let’s power up your enterprise together.

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