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At Plentify, our mission is to enable cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy. We’ve developed an intelligent load management platform for home appliances, that reduces electricity costs and negative environmental impact.

For residential property developers grappling with the challenge of meeting SANS10400XA compliance at a reasonable cost, our solution, HotBot, emerges as a game-changer. By pairing electric geysers with centralised solar plants, we not only contribute to cost savings in centralised solar and storage systems but also assist you with the ability to achieve regulatory compliance.


How Plentify works:

Plentify leverages HotBots to control a fleet of geysers, orchestrating energy usage optimisation across a micro-grid. The key features include:

  • Heating geysers during sunny hours to capitalise on solar energy that might otherwise go to waste.
  • Learning hot water usage patterns and load shedding schedules to ensure residents always have hot water when they need it.
  • Controlling when and how geysers are turned back on to minimise comeback load strain.
  • Tariff optimisation: Adapting to bulk energy tariffs (e.g. time-of-use tariffs) to make energy as affordable as possible.
  • Adapting to the energy system to minimise strain on both the solar setup and the grid.


How Plentify works for property developers


Why Plentify?

Connecting HotBots to electric geysers in your property development unlocks a host of benefits:

  • Reduced bulk electricity costs: Decrease time-of-use electricity costs by 40% and maximum monthly demand by 50%.
  • Optimised solar resources: Decrease battery sizes and inverter size.
  • Larger solar systems: Enable solar systems that are 70-100% larger by aligning geyser power consumption with solar production.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Improve geyser efficiency by up to 30% through intelligent scheduling based on predictive hot water consumption patterns.
  • Resident satisfaction: Ensure 99% hot water satisfaction among residents while delivering efficiency benefits.

Don’t just take our word for it; Brandon Jardine, Managing Director of Legaro Property Development, shared his positive experience:


“We utilised this system well at the Emerald in Hyde Park. Once the AI kicked in, our backup battery capabilities shifted from 3.5 hours to close to 5.5 hours. Residents’ electricity usage dipped by 30%, and hot showers remain all round.”


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