Real savings with Plentify



Why leave your geyser running 24/7 when you wouldn’t do the same with your oven, only using it once a day?

Geysers, often hidden and out of sight, are easily forgotten as they quietly consume energy in the background. Typically, a geyser accounts for 40-60% of a household’s electricity usage. Taking a more intelligent approach to managing our geysers can translate into tangible savings on our electricity bills.

When we spoke with members of our community to understand the impact of adopting Plentify, André from Paarl highlighted a game-changing feature:



André shared that, since embracing Plentify and installing a HotBot, his household of three has experienced an average monthly savings of around R250! This highlights the practical benefits of optimising geyser usage and leveraging innovative solutions for enhanced energy efficiency.

Reevaluating our approach to geyser usage not only aligns with our principles—let’s be smart with what we’ve got—but it also presents an opportunity for substantial energy and cost savings. Geysers, often overlooked in the shadows, play a significant role in our household electricity consumption. By adopting smarter practices and leveraging innovative solutions like Plentify’s HotBot, we can make a positive impact on both our wallets and the environment.

Let’s harness the power of intelligent energy management, making a conscious effort to optimise our electricity usage. In doing so, we not only contribute to a more sustainable planet but also enjoy the immediate benefits of a lighter burden on our monthly bills. Together, let’s make the switch to a smarter, more efficient energy future.


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