Wetility Beast Bundle



We recently teamed up with Wetility to unveil the ultimate power move: the Beast Bundle.

Wetility is all about helping their customers tap into the sun’s power. Their hybrid solution seamlessly integrates with existing power options, making solar energy more accessible and efficient.

Enter the all-in-one Beast Bundle, a powerhouse combination of solar panels, lithium-ion battery storage, and a hybrid inverter. But that’s not all – it also includes a HotBot and Plentify membership, to maximise savings from the solar system.

Now, let’s talk options. The Beast Bundle offers various solar packages, ranging from a budget-friendly R899 to a comprehensive R4,199 per month. With this range, there’s a perfect fit for every home and budget.



How Plentify and Wetility work together:

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how this dynamic bundle operates.

Geysers are responsible for 40-60% of a household’s electricity use, and on top of that, geysers typically heat up at peak hours (mornings and evenings) when the sun is taking a break. This could either drain your battery storage or leave you relying heavily on the grid. Luckily, HotBot comes to the rescue with some ingenious solutions:

With Plentify and Wetility, your new solar system will be optimised so that you maximise your savings. 

  • Plentify heats your geyser during the day, making the most of excess solar energy.
  • Reduces nighttime heating to minimise reliance on the grid.
  • Preheats geysers before anticipated load shedding, ensuring you’re never left without hot water.
  • Smartly turns off your geyser during load shedding, channelling battery power only to the essentials.
  • As an added bonus, Plentify also monitors for leaks, and will let you know if your geyser is doing something it’s not supposed to.
  • What’s more, the system learns over time and will constantly improve.

The Beast Bundle isn’t just a combination of cutting-edge technologies; it’s a strategic move towards an energy-resilient and cost-effective future. With solutions tailored to your home and budget, there’s never been a better time to make the switch. Experience the power of the Beast Bundle – where innovation meets affordability, click here to learn more.